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It's heart-breaking wasting good food by cooking it badly. Make sure you never serve up soggy salmon or tough tenderloin ever again by investing in a good quality meat thermometer. Probe-style versions are the most accurate, and nowadays, wireless versions are within the budget reach of most home cooks. However, if you can splash out exciting, next-gen products like the cord-free Meater+ option come highly recommended.

Best Overall: Meater+ Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

The Meater+ thermometer sits in its case on a wood table next to veggies and cooked meat.Source: Meater

The first genuinely wireless meat thermometer, the Meater cuts the cords completely with a cable-free probe. It communicates to a magnetic base unit which then sends info to a companion app on your iPhone or Android device. The probe boasts dual sensors, one at the tip to monitor the heat of the meat and one at the other end to keep an eye on the ambient temperature. The Meater+ model gives you 165 feet of wireless range and comes with just the one probe. Other -- obviously more expensive -- packs are available with multiple probes.

The Meater app offers a smart "Guided Cook" program that lets you select what type and cut of meat you're cooking. It then advises how long to prepare it, and crucially for some types of protein, how long to rest it for too. If you're a confident home chef, you can also fully customise the cooking and alert options to your own preference.


  • Truly wireless
  • Ambient temperature monitoring
  • Great companion app


  • Only one probe
  • High price

Best Overall

The Meater+ thermometer

Meater+ Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer


This high-end option is a good investment for food-lovers who want the freedom of no wires and an excellent range to monitor their meat remotely.

Best for BBQs: ThermoPro TP-08S Smart Wireless Meat

A hand holds up the Thermopro TP08 meat thermometer in front of a grill.Source: Amazon

Especially designed for use with BBQs, grills, and smokers, this is a slightly different option than the others we're featuring. This is because it only boasts one meat probe, but does get a second ambient temperature probe that you can monitor the temperature of the cooking environment. So you know when the heat levels are suitable to add your food, or when you need to add more fuel.

Boasting hassle-free set-up, the transmitter and receiver are pre-synchronized, so this will work instantly as soon as you insert batteries. This ThermoPro option will give you a 300-foot range and a handy independently controlled countdown and count up timer so you can keep an eye on timings of other food items too.


  • Ambient temperature probe
  • 300 foot range
  • Separate timer


  • Only one meat probe
  • Clunky control unit

Best for BBQs

A Thermopro meat thermometer in black and orange with probes on a white background.

ThermoPro TP-08S Smart Wireless Meat


Outdoor cooks, avid BBQers, and home chefs that use smokers will get a lot of value from this option's ambient temperature sensor.

Best for Pro Probes: Inkbird Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

An Inkbird meat thermometer in front of a cut of meat over open flame. Source: Inkbird

The only product we're featuring with a rechargeable battery, juice this up via USB and you'll get over 40 hours' use. There are six no-nonsense steel probes that can all be monitored independently. The companion "BBQ Go" app offers all you'd expect with real-time temperature readouts, a countdown timer, presets for different types of meat and alerts if your food goes above or below a specified range.

Design-wise the central unit is unusual looking. It boasts some exciting functionality like a rotatable LED screen and a magnetised back so that you can stick it to something metallic nearby for at-a-glance monitoring. It's worth noting the sensor's cables are a perfect length at 115cm (about 3.8 feet), a practicality worth considering based on your cooking area.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Magnetic design
  • Rotatable LED display
  • Long probe cords


  • Only 150-foot range

Best for Pro Probes

A black and red meat thermometer with several silver probes in front of it.

Inkbird Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

Six pack

The Inkbird's professional probes, extended cable length, and magnetic display unit will help many a home cook deliver perfect proteins.

Bottom line

Whether you're grilling, barbecuing, smoking, or simply cooking a roast in the oven, a meat thermometer allows you to manage and monitor the cooking process to help ensure you don't under- or overcook your meat.

Thanks to advances in wireless technology, and some handy companion apps, this is now possible from the comfort of the couch, or while you're entertaining guests around the dinner table.

All the solutions above are capable and stand out in one way or another. Still, our overall recommendation is to buy into the Meater+ system, a genuinely next-gen thermometer; this lets you cut the cords entirely for a contemporary culinary experience.

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