Best LED Strip Lights TechnoBuffalo 2019

LED strip lights are useful for adding a pop of colour to dimly lit areas, accent lighting to any room, or bias lighting around electronics. Not sure which lights are right for you? Here are our favourite options.

Dimmable and delightful: Lighting Ever LED Strips

Staff Favorite

Lighting Ever's LED strips light kit gives you all the essentials, including the power adapter. Dial-in the perfect amount of light with a dimmer switch or light things up by going full-on with 1200 lumens of bright white light. These lights are flexible and slim, and fit in rooms, hallways, under cupboards, and anywhere else you want controllable light.

£12 at Amazon

Alexa-friendly: Govee Strip Lights

Govee gives you hands-free options! Turn lights on or off or set colour and brightness via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can also make changes with your voice through Alexa and Google Assistant. A built-in mic syncs light flashing to music or environmental noise. Great for parties or accent lighting!

£26 at Amazon

Easy install: Ambother Interior LED Strip Lights

The LED light bars from Ambother light up dim corners in caravans, boats, kitchens, or baths. Each bar has 108 LED chips, so they're bright, but also energy-saving. The aluminium alloy base attaches to any interior with double-sided tape, or they make excellent torches. Each bar is easy to control with a simple on/off switch.

£14 at Amazon

Remote control lights: Pangton Villa LED Strip

Power the Pangton Villa LED lights with a 24 key mini remote control. Lights install with strong double-sided tape. This kit includes a CR2 battery and 12V power supply, so you're ready to go out of the box. Lights are dimmable and feature 16 colour choices.

£11 at Amazon

For Hue: Philips Hue Lightstrip Starter Pack

The Philips Hue is a starter pack that lets you take control of your lighting wirelessly with your smart device. Set the lights to power on with the sun to gently wake you or sync to games, movies or music. The flexible strip works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant.

£59 at Amazon

Christmas and beyond: Minger LED Strip Lights

Minger LED rope lights are perfect for holiday lighting, parties, or accent lighting around the house. A 44 key IR remote gives you total control of brightness, colour choice, and light speed. This is a good bit of kit that won't dent your budget.

£17 at Amazon

Smart and bright: KooGeek Smart LED Light Strip

Koogeek Smart strips are voice and app-controlled. The energy-saving LED strips are bright and waterproof and don't require a hub. Direct colour changes or turn lights off and on with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, or with compatible Android and iOS apps.

£30 at Amazon

Super bright: Onforu LED Strip Lights

Onforu offers super bright indoor LED strip lights in two colours: daylight white or warm white. It's easy to add a touch of brightness to any room, stairwell, or under cabinets and furniture. Lights are a breeze to install and are manually controlled with an on/off switch.

£11 at Amazon

USB powered: Shineline LED Strip Lights

Set the mood with Shineline's LED strips lights. A remote control dimmer allows you to control the ambience and choose between eight brightness settings. Powered by USB, these lights install in minutes and are ideal for any room in your house.

£12 at Amazon

White + colours: Lumary Smart LED Strips

Lumary LEDs include RGB plus warm and cool white lights. With 16 million colours and shades of white light, there's no need to buy additional lighting. You take control over options using an iOS or Android app or use your voice with Alexa and Google Assistant.

£23 at Amazon

Waterproof and wonderful: Glime Strip Lights

Glime strip lights are waterproof and great for decorating the inside or outside of your place. A 44 key IR remote helps you control colours, lighting modes, and light speed. Strips are self-adhesive and a cinch to install on smooth surfaces.

£18 at Amazon

If you want our recommendation

LED strip lights are an affordable way to add impressive accent lighting anywhere you can imagine. If you want to dial-in the perfect amount of light with a dimmer switch, we recommend Lighting Ever LED Strips. The included dimmer dial lets you set the mood in seconds.

If you like to be hands-free, the LED lights from Govee allow you to cycle through lighting choices using Alexa or Google Assistant.

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