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A kitchen floor mat can work for you on so many levels, and we're not just talking ground level. Whether you're looking to hide an ugly floor, create a non-slip work area or just protect your little tootsies from cold hard flooring, a decent kitchen floor mat can make a real difference. We have found a dozen delectable designs offering a wide variety of textures, colours, shapes and sizes that will suit all styles and budgets.

Floorless: Lochas Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

Staff Pick

This mat boasts "anti-fatigue" properties with ergonomically engineered, extra thick 1.2cm foam and PVC materials designed to provide support if you're standing for long periods. It's non-slip and wipe-clean.

£22 at Amazon

Scandi cool: Fadfay Designer Teapot Rug

Measuring in at 50cm by 120cm, this rectangular rug will give your kitchen a retro Scandi look. The attractive tea-time-themed design offers muted vintage colours and depicts cute kitchenware. It's static- and stain-resistant.

£17 at Amazon

Piscine pad: Borlans Fish Pattern Mat

With a non-woven spot plastic backing, this soft flannel mat is non-slip, highly absorbent and quick-drying, making it perfect to be placed by the kitchen sink. It's available in two sizes — 40cm by 60cm or 45cm by 120cm.

From £12 at Amazon

Flower power: Leebei Flower Vine Kitchen Mat

With an eye-catching, floral, geometric design, this set of two matching mats would look great in a designer kitchen. On the practical side, it boasts non-slip latex rubber backing and absorbs water quickly.

£18 at Amazon

Fibrematic: Oval Braided Indian Jute Mat

Hand-loomed in India on a flat weave loom and made from sustainable materials, this is an excellent option for anyone who prefers a more natural feel under their feet. Available in 60 by 90cm and 120cm by 180cm sizes.

From £22 at Amazon

Get your stripes: Rug Superstore Multi Mat

Non-slip, thanks to its rubber backing and machine washable at 30 degrees, this colourful floor covering is available in five sizes, the smallest being 40cm by 67cm and the largest 80cm by 150cm.

From £7 at Amazon

Tough enough: TrendMakers Barrier Mat

It isn't pretty, but it's pretty practical. This dirt absorbing barrier mat is a large, heavyweight non-slip option measuring 120cm by 180cm. Durable and long-lasting, the mat has a 7mm thick pile and is stain resistant.

£26 at Amazon

Very wood: iDesign Bamboo Floor Mat

This water-repellent mat is made from bamboo, so offers a warm, natural and eco-friendly surface. It's available in a wide variety of sizes. The bamboo is backed by a textured, non-slip lining.

From £7 at Amazon

Purrfect: Thee Non-Slip Kitchen Mat

This two-piece set of cat-themed mats measures 40cm by 60cm and 40cm by 120cm. Ideal for feline fans, it's not cat hair-resistant, but it is non-slip and made of easy-to-clean polyester.

£19 at Amazon

Monochrome mat: Carvapet 2-Piece Non-Slip Kitchen Mat

Another two-piece set, these striking mats boast a non-slip latex rubber backing, are fade- and wear-resistant and absorb water and dry quickly. The perfect mat for a black and white tiled kitchen floor.

£19 at Amazon

Hippy chic: Uarehome Recycled Handmade Rag Rug

100% recycled, and handmade, this is your classic Chindi rag rug available in a wide range of sizes to suit your kitchen space. It's an affordable option that's perfect for more BoHo chic style homes.

From £7 at Amazon

ProductCategoryTKTKTK: William Armes Kilkis Washable Kitchen Rug

This measures a generous 67cm by 180cm making it perfect for galley-style kitchens. It boasts a latex slip-resistant backing and is safe to go in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

£21 at Amazon

Don't feel floored

If you're just looking for a kitchen floor rug for aesthetic reasons, or because you want to disguise an unattractive floor, the Leebei Flower Vine Kitchen Mat with its contemporary floral, geometric design is a strong option to consider for stylish kitchens.

Anyone who prefers more natural materials in their home and under their feet could look at the iDesign Bamboo Floor Mat or the hand-woven Oval Braided Indian Jute Mat that's available in different sizes to suit your space.

Our overall staff pick has been chosen for practical reasons. The Lochas Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat features "anti-fatigue" properties with ergonomically engineered foam that's designed to provide a more comfortable floor surface when you're busy working in the kitchen.

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