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Add fun flair to your favourite walls with some fairy lights. With a soft glow and room to add photos, it will truly brighten up your day. With the Lights4fun indoor fairy lights, you'll fall in love with your wall space even more.

Best overall: Lights4fun indoor fairy lights

Lights4fun fairy lightsSource: Lights4fun

With the soft glow of the LED lights on the Lights4fun fairy lights, these are a great decorative choice. Whether you want to accent a wall or hang up some of your favourite pictures, you'll be able to decorate anything with the eight meters of length with these lights. Plus, the clear cable makes it incredibly easy for them to blend in.

The plug to these is a low voltage transformer, so you will be able to save some energy no matter how long you leave them on. This also comes with a one-year product guarantee from the company, so you will be able to return or get a refund if something goes wrong. This puts the company on good standards with its customers, so you always know you come first.

The downside to these lights is that it doesn't include a remote to change the settings. There is a button on the base of the lights that allows you to change the setting, but it is sometimes hard to switch the modes. The button seems to be hard to press, so be careful when you change between the eight different settings.


  • Low voltage plug
  • Eight meters of length
  • Soft LED glow
  • Clear cable
  • One year Product Guarantee


  • Does not include remote
  • Hard to switch modes

Best overall

Lights4fun fairy lights

Lights4fun indoor fairy lights

Make it all shine

These warm white lights give you a soft glow to any place you put them, and the clear cable will easily blend right into the wall.

Best value: Makion LED fairy lights

Makion LED fairy lightsSource: Makion

If saving money is the game, then Makion is the name: these LED fairy lights come at quite a low price. These are battery operated lights, which give you the freedom to place these lights wherever you go. The lights are also 10 meters long, which provides you with a lot of room to work with. The wires on these are easy to mould to any surface, so you may not have to use as many hooks in your wall to hang them up.

This does not come with batteries when you purchase them, so keep that in mind. Also, the wire and lights are rather small: with the wire being thin and the lights being the size of a rice grain. You get 100 of these tiny lights throughout this small wire, so you may be able to work with their size.


  • Battery operated
  • 10-meter length
  • Easy to mould


  • Purchase batteries separately
  • Small wire and lights

Best value

Makion LED fairy lights

Makion LED fairy lights

Save some pounds

it's always good to save a little bit of money, so these battery operated lights by Makion will help while having some quality.

Best water resistant: Koopower fairy lights

Koopower fairy lightsSource: Koopower

These are a perfect choice if you want to give your bathroom or kitchen a little more pizzazz. Since these come with a waterproof level of IP65, these lights can be splashed but cannot be submerged or left outdoors. There is also a setting switch for you to use to change what frequency the lights move at. This LED fairy light option is also battery-operated, making it simpler for you to put in certain areas.

While these lights are rather bright, this also means that they tend to suck up all of the battery. Some have said that they can typically get two to three days from the original batteries before having to switch them. That is a bit of waste, but if you don't use them all day, then it would be well worth a purchase.


  • Battery operated
  • Settings switch
  • LED lights
  • Water-resistant when splashed


  • Not safe for outdoors
  • Sucks up battery life

Best water resistant

Koopower fairy lights

Koopower fairy lights

Don't dunk them

If you're looking for some outdoor lights, these may not pass the test. However, you can use them in your kitchen or bathroom.

Best curtain lights: Chipark curtain fairy lights

Chipark curtain lightsSource: Chipark

Curtain lights are the perfect way to cover up an entire wall or even set up a cute backdrop for some photos. You can add in some sheer curtains to change these lights to any colour you want. Plus, this comes with 300 LED lights, so there is plenty of light wherever you decide to place these.

The lights also come with a remote to make it easier for you to change between the eight different light modes. The worst thing we've heard is that they don't come wrapped up nicely. If you don't mind taking the time to detangle a ball of lights, then these are a great choice to cover a large area.


  • Usable with curtains
  • 300 LED lights
  • Includes remote


  • Sent tangled up

Best curtain lights

Chipark curtain lights

Chipark curtain fairy lights

Cover a large space

Curtain lights are perfect if you want to create a shiny background or easily cover an entire wall: just add a sheer fabric.

Best globe bulbs: Liwiner fairy lights

Liwiner fairy lightsSource: Liwiner

Another excellent choice for covering a larger area is to get a larger bulb, like these Liwiner fairy lights. These come with 50 warm globe bulbs that are perfect for decorating outside. They have an IP44 waterproof level, which means they are protected from solid objects as well as water splashing in all directions. If it ends up raining outside, these lights should be able to handle it.

These lights are also remote operated to make changing the sequences a breeze. However, the lights may turn on their own for no reason at all, so be careful. Also, setting them up can be a bit difficult because these lights also don't come with any instructions. Get a techy person to assist you, and enjoy the beautiful glow these lights bring.


  • Warm globe bulbs
  • Remote operated
  • IP44 waterproof level


  • No instructions
  • May change sequence on their own

Best globe bulbs

Liwiner fairy lights

Liwiner fairy lights

Bigger can be better

With an included remote and a higher waterproof level, these are an excellent choice for outdoor decorating, especially for big areas.

Best colours: Tomshine globe fairy lights

Tomshine string fairy lightsSource: Tomshine

Add a little colour to your life with these Tomshine globe fairy lights. With red, green, blue, and yellow, you can add a splash of fun to any space you could think of. These also have an IP44 waterproof level, so these can stay outside and brighten your day through any rainstorm. The lights could even go in your bathroom or kitchen if you want since these lights will continue to work when splashed.

While these do come with a remote, it may be a bit difficult to use at times. You may have to press certain buttons multiple times before it accurately communicates with the lights. Plus, the timer setting doesn't seem to work because people have set it for a few hours, and the lights will continue to stay on all night. If you're patient with the remote and don't need a timer, then you will surely love having the rainbow shine throughout your home.


  • Colourful
  • Usable outdoors
  • Remote included


  • Remote is buggy
  • Timer setting doesn't work

Best colours

Tomshine multicolor fairy lights

Tomshine globe fairy lights

The entire rainbow

It doesn't have to be Christmas time to get super colourful lights, so why not bring the rainbow around all year with these lights.

Bottom line

Fairy lights can bring brightness to just about anything in your house, and the Lights4fun indoor fairy lights are an excellent choice for indoor decorating. There are 100 LED lights that give a gentle and soft glow no matter where you put them. Not to mention, the cable is clear, so you won't have to worry about figuring out a way to hide it.

If you don't mind not having a remote to switch between settings, then that will add to the magic of the glow of these lights. They have a low voltage plug, so you know they won't be wasting energy when they're on. These are eight-meter long to be able to cover any wall or column you may want to cover.

Add in the 12-month product guarantee for this product, and this is a steal for sure. These are the best option to pick up right now, and if you're not satisfied, this company will refund you or help you fix your problems. There's no question that these are the best option to bring the glow of fairy lights to your home.

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