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First impressions do matter, and that's reason enough to spend extra time picking out the best envelope to create a solid impression on your mail recipient. As a general unwritten rule, envelopes are categorized based on what goes inside of them. For seasonal greetings and social invites, you can opt for elegant envelopes, and official documents, plain white envelopes will suffice.

Everyday Convenience: Blake Purely Everyday Wallet Envelopes

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You don't have to worry about security when sending office mail using the Blake Purely Everyday envelopes. These self-seal envelopes have an opaque interior to protect your private data from peeping eyes. They are made of high-quality materials and come in a pack of 100.

£5 at Amazon

Clasp Closure: Quality Park Clasp Envelopes

The perfect choice for accessible storage and mailing is the Quality Park 100-pack envelopes. They are designed for repeated use thanks to a durable and reusable double prong metal clasp. The envelopes are made from heavy-duty 28 pounds, brown Kraft stock to offer extra protection.

£20 at Amazon

Creative Crafts: Craft UK 2281- 150 C5 envelopes

If you want your mail to represent a certain theme then you have all the colours you need in the Craft UK C5 envelopes. The envelopes come in a 150 pack with10 assorted colours, each colour carries 15 envelopes. With such a diverse colour combination the envelopes are ideal for various artistic projects.

£9 at Amazon

Blake Boldy: Blake Creative Colour C5 Peel & Seal Wallet Envelopes

From Cotton Blue, Baby Pink to Spearmint Green, Blake Creative Colour envelopes have all your mailing needs sorted. They are made from thick, luxurious 120 gsm paper and enhanced with a strong peel & seal strip that is secure and easy to use. This soft ivory envelope stands out due to its divine look.

£5 at Amazon

Peel and Seal: AmazonBasics Peel&Seal DL Envelopes

These easy-to-use AmazonBasics envelopes are suitable for both business and personal use. They have a useful window for printed addresses making them ideal for mailing invoices and letters. The interior of the envelope is printed in opaque blue to secure private information. You get a pack of 500 envelopes.

£11 at Amazon

Burgundy elegance: JAM PAPER Business Envelopes

Nothing speaks sophistication and elegance like the dark red JAM PAPER business envelopes. They have a professional quality smooth finish and straight flap gum closure. Measuring 104.8 x 241.3 mm, the envelopes are ideal for sending business mail, greeting cards, invitations, RSVPs and many more.

£13 at Amazon

Fits a Catalogue: Blue Summit Supplies Catalog Envelopes

It would not serve you right to have your large mail falling off during transit. That will be the least of your worries with the sturdily constructed Blue Summit catalogue envelopes. The envelopes fit 60 sheets of standard 8.5 x 11-inch letter paper and create a permanent bond when sealed to secure your mail.

£25 at Amazon

Self-Seal: Q-Connect C4 Envelope

Build from a manilla paper, the Q-Connect C4 envelopes are tough enough and won't tear in transit. Their clean exterior is perfect for clear hand and print addressing. Since they come in a size C4, the envelopes are suitable for mailing A4 size documents.

£13 at Amazon

Jack of All Mails: Juvale Silver Business Envelopes

Available in a range of colours, Juvale envelopes can handle a wide range of documents. They come in a value pack of 50 envelopes so that you never lack an extra envelope. The envelopes have an easy to seal gum flap enclosure, and you apply water to the flap edges for it to stick.

£7 at Amazon

Peel, seal and send

When choosing an envelope, pick one that is a quarter-inch larger than the width and length piece you are mailing. This guarantees smooth insertion and reduces the risk of damaging the enclosure. Knowing what you need the envelope for will guide your design, dimension, and colour choices.

For your everyday business mails, the Blake Purely Self Seal Wallet Envelopes are a good fit. They are made from good-quality paper and have an opaque interior that protects your data from peeping eyes. Designed with a clear and clean paper, the Q-Connect KF3419 C4 Envelope allows for easy hand and print addressing. The envelope's self-seal secures your mail during transport and its a perfect fit for mailing your A4 size documents.

You want your mails to match your mood, season, or theme? The Craft UK 2281- 150 C5 envelopes come in a 150 pack with, 10 assorted colours with15 envelopes each, ideal for various artistic projects.

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