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Just like humans, every dog's personality is different. What may be super enjoyable for one dog may be utterly uninteresting to your dog. That's why finding toys that are engaging and appropriately complicated is essential to your dog's happiness. We recommend the SSUK Durable Dog Tug Rope because it plays with your furry friend's natural desire to tug and pull to collect this new object. They'll be busy for hours!

Best Overall: SSUK Durable Dog Tug Rope

The SSUK Durable Dog Tug Rope is an excellent toy for any puppy or adult rover that enjoys playing the ultimate game of tug of war. We all want to keep our pups happy, but tugging on a rope with a 36-kilogram dog attached to the other end for long periods can become exhausting for our arms. What makes this toy so great is that it is designed with an incredibly strong suction cup that can stick to any hard floor, tiles, or windows, allowing your dog to play their favourite game independently.

Simply suction this toy to a surface and let your dog at it. Watch as your furry bestie keeps himself entertained as he tugs, pulls, and chews for hours on end. Not only is this toy fun, but it is practical as well. It is designed to remove plaque and reduce tartar, keeping your dog's teeth healthy. It is also safe and soft enough for young puppy gums.

Only non-toxic materials and fabrics are used in the manufacturing of this toy, so you can rest at ease knowing your dog isn't ingesting dangerous substances. You don't have to worry about your dog breaking the toy as it is incredibly durable; however, if you have a massive dog that prefers to chew and destroy rather than tug and pull, then this toy may not be the best for them as the rope, and the ball is not very thick.


  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Strong suction cup
  • Removes plaque and tartar
  • Safe for adults and puppies


  • May not be compatible with massive dogs who like to chew and destroy toys

Best Overall

SSUK Durable Dog Tug Rope

Independent game of tug of war

This toy is a fun and engaging way for your dog to play tug of war while simultaneously cleaning their teeth independently.

Best Value: Onbet 10pcs Chew Toys

The Onbet 10pcs Chew Toys are the perfect collection of toys for puppies and dogs that enjoy spending time carefully chewing on their favourite toys. Coming in a pack of 10 assorted toys, your dog will have an abundance of options. You can give them to your dog one at a time or all at once. If your pup destroys or becomes uninterested in one particular toy, simply swap it out for another in the collection.

Chewing is an excellent way for your dog to keep it's pearly whites clean and healthy. Chewing keeps tartar and plaque under control, which helps prevent gum disease. Bond with your dog through toys that consider their oral health.

These carefully designed items are made from non-toxic and premium quality, natural cotton fabric. This means that they are safe and strong for both adult dogs and small puppies to play with. Although these rope toys can unravel quite easily with constant chewing, customers have mentioned that their dogs still enjoy playing with them as they almost become a challenge. Your dog will want and need to completely unravel the entire toy.


  • Ten toys included
  • Great for puppies and adults
  • Controls plaque and tartar


  • Rope toys can unravel easily

Best Value

Onbet 10pcs Chew Toys

Pack of 10 durable toys

This assorted pack of 10 toys is perfect for puppies and adults who love to chew.

Best for Fetch: Chuckit! Ultra Grip Ball Launcher

If your dog cannot resist the chase when something comes zooming past them, then the Chuckit! Ultra Grip Ball Launcher is definitely something they would love. This ball launcher includes an Ultra Grip ball that can launch impressive distances, much farther than you would be able to throw with your hands. Your dog will enjoy chasing and retrieving for as long as you'll let them.

Running and exercising your dog is excellent for their overall health and quality of life. You won't have to cut playtime short because the ball has become too gross to pick up. Leave the wet and slobbery ball where it is as the launcher is designed to easily scoop up and secure the ball with one swift movement.

Some customers have mentioned that the included ball breaks apart easily. If the ball bursts or becomes lost, this 64-inch launcher is compatible with any regular-sized tennis ball.


  • Compatible with any regular-sized tennis ball
  • Don't have to touch slobbery ball with your hands
  • Can launch the ball very far


  • Included ball breaks easily

Best for Fetch

Chuckit! Ultra Grip Ball Launcher

Fun ball launcher for fetch

This ball launcher throws balls incredibly far and is an easy and fun way to play fetch with your dog.

Best Food Motivated: Trixie Activity Game

The Trixie Activity Game is made for dogs that are both curious and food-motivated. This toy encourages your dog to strategise and use their problem-solving skills to retrieve their yummy treats. This toy is durable and can handle the wear and tear of daily use.

To use this toy, place some yummy treats into the cups that are attached to the rod. The cups are too narrow for your dog to be able to pull the treats out. Instead, your pup will have to figure out how to spin the cup so that the treat falls out. Some dogs may need to be shown how to do this once or twice before getting the hang of it.

This toy is a great way to teach your dog about cause and effect. If your puppy is a genius and figures this out quickly, you can change it up by only placing a treat in sometimes. You can also keep it exciting and surprise your dog by putting other items into the cups as well.


  • Stimulates curiosity and encourages problem-solving
  • Teaches cause and effect
  • Is enjoyable for your dog as they are continuously rewarded


  • Some dogs need to be shown how to use this toy

Best Food Motivated

Trixie Activity Game

Toy that continuously rewards problem-solving

This toy encourages your dog to strategise, and problem solve while continuously rewarding their engagement with treats.

Best Silent Squeaker: Duvo+ Ultransonic Penguin Silent Squeak

The Duvo+ Ultrasonic Penguin Silent Squeak puts a unique twist on the squeak toy. This toy is designed with a patented squeaker that uses ultrasonic sounds that only your dog can hear. Your pup can spend hours playing with their squeak toy and enjoying the sounds without bothering your ears.

Squeakie toys are an excellent way to allow your dog to fulfil their innate desire to catch small prey. Playing with these types of toys can leave your dog feeling accomplished and satisfied. Although this toy is durable, it is still a stuffie, and the fluff can be pulled out if your dog tries hard enough.

This stuffie is excellent if you have small children that take naps as your dog can play with their favourite toy without worrying about waking up your kids. This stuffie is exceptionally durable, and features chew guard technology, so your dog won't be able to destroy it quickly.


  • Uses ultrasonic sounds that only dogs can hear
  • Has chew guard technology so it won't get destroyed easily
  • Fun and engaging


  • Fluff can be pulled out

Best Silent Squeaker

Duvo+ Ultransonic Penguin Silent Squeak

Squeak toy that features ultrasonic sound

This squeak toy features a patented squeaker with an ultrasonic sound that only your dog can hear.

Bottom line

Keep your dog entertained for hours with the best toys for their unique personalities. Whether your furry friend enjoys running and chasing, lounging and chewing, or tugging and pulling, there is a toy for them. It is essential to pick options that are made out of healthy materials as well as choices that stimulate your pup mentally.

We recommend the SSUK Durable Dog Tug Rope because it is made from non-toxic materials and caters to your dog's innate need to tug, chew, and pull. It also comes equipped with a strong suction cup that can grip to almost any flat surface to allow your dog to independently entertain themselves all day long.

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