Best Clear Tape for Wrapping Gifts TechnoBuffalo 2022

Remember when you would sneak a peek at your gifts by carefully unwrapping them? With these best clear tapes for wrapping gifts, peakers won't be able to sneak! These tapes are secure, invisible, and they make wrapping gifts easier than ever.

Scotch Magic Tape

Oh, oh, it's magic!: Scotch Brand Magic Tape

Our Pick

This tape has a matte finish giving it a frosty look' however, it comes out invisible and will be sure to get the job done. It smoothly comes off the roll and easily cuts.

£3 at Amazon
Scotch Double Sided Tape

Double the fun: Scotch Brand Double Sided Tape

Seriously invisible, this tape has adhesive on both sides. Hide it on the back of the paper or in between two folds to make your wrapping look flawless.

£4 at Amazon
Scotch GiftWrap Tape

So Satiny: Scotch Brand GiftWrap Tape

With a smooth, satin feel, this tape will disappear on most gift wrapping paper. It is strong and secure and promises a flawless finish. It comes in six dispensered rolls.

£2 at Amazon
Scotch Brand Pop Up Tape

Pop up!: Scotch Brand Pop-Up Tape Handband Dispenser

Gift wrapping made easy! Fasten the band to the hand that holds the paper while you pull out a pre-cut strip of tape with the other hand. You'll never want to wrap gifts any other way.

£5 at Amazon
Stationary Island glue tape roller

Roll it!: Stationary Island Adhesive Glue Tape Roller

Simply glide your tape over the specified area, and just like that, you're done! The dispenser can apply your tape straight or even curved. This roller is quick and easy to use. It comes as a 6-pack of rollers.

£10 at Amazon
Scotch Tape Dispenser

Dispense it: Scotch Brand Desktop Tape Dispenser

This sleek dispenser is the perfect hub for the tape roll you choose. It has a weighted base, so you can pull and rip with one hand making it easy to wrap your gifts.

£5 at Amazon

Stick it to the wrapping paper

A good piece of tape is going to hold that beautiful wrap job from the moment you admire your masterpiece to the moment it's being ripped open. It's all about the presentation, and the Scotch Brand Magic Tape will surely get the job done. It has a matte finish that comes out invisible, and it rolls off smoothly and cuts easily. Stick a roll in the Scotch Brand Desktop Tape Dispenser and peel off a piece with just one hand!

Wrapping gifts can make you feel like you just don't have enough hands. If this is you, the Scotch Brand Pop-Up Tape Handband Dispenser is the perfect tool. Fasten the band, wrap, hold, and pull out a pre-cut strip of tape just like that. You'll never wrap without it again.

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