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Whether you open with the Queen's Gambit or the Alekhine's Defense a sturdy chess set is important to help you go the distance. We've rounded up the best chess sets for beginners, collectors, and professionals making note of those that meet regulations for tournament play. Here are our top chess sets.

Jaques of London Chess Set

Best overall: Jaques of London Complete Chess Set

Staff Pick

This beautiful chess set features a solid wooden board with clearly marked squares. The pieces are also made of wood with a high-quality finish that is polished and doesn't have rough edges or splinters. The pieces are weighted so it isn't as easy to knock them over during game play. The Jaques chess set includes rules for playing and a sturdy box for storing the entire game in between matches.

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Stand Out wooden Chess Set

Best for beginners: Stands Out Fold Away Board Chess Set

The fold-away chess set from Stand Out is a good set for those just getting into the game. It is annotated to make keeping track of moves more easily, just like in tournament games, and includes basic instructions on how to play. The pieces of this chess set and the board itself is a little smaller than a traditional set, but this makes it easier to take along on trips. The board folds up and becomes a storage box for the pieces.

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Professional Staunton Chess Set

Best for tournament play: Professional Staunton Chess Set Combo

This chess set has everything you need for tournament play. It comes with a vinyl chessboard that rolls up when not in use. The board has proper notations and measurements that meet the requirements for Staunton tournaments. It comes with an extra set of queens, scorebooks, and pens. Everything fits inside the included carrying case, plus there are smaller pouches to hold the playing pieces.

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Peradix Magnetic Travel Chess Board Set

Best travel chess set: Peradix Magnetic Travel Chess Board Set

The board of this chess set has a metal sheet and the pieces have magnets on the bottom. This keeps them from toppling over when traveling on bumpy roads or in turbulent airplanes. The Peradix travel chess set folds up and becomes a storage case where all the pieces are safely tucked away. The board is smaller than tournament chessboards, but it does have the proper notations for practicing for official events.

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The Noble Collection Wizard Chess Set

Best themed chess set: The Noble Collection Wizard Chess Set

This fun collectors chess set features the pieces found in the Harry Potter movie series wizarding chess game. Each piece is well crafted from heavy-duty plastic that feels sturdy without being overly heavy. The board features hints of the Harry Potter franchise making this a great set for both playing and displaying.

£43 at Amazon

Check out these chess sets, Mate

The all wood chess set by Jaque is a beautiful game that is well crafted. The playing pieces are also made from wood to match the board. The board isn't annotated for tournament play, but it does have playing pieces large enough for small hands to hold onto while learning how to play.

If you're into playing professionally, check out the Professional Staunton Tournament Chess Set. The chessboard and pieces meet all regulations, plus the set comes with extra queens and a scorebook, to keeping track of your moves.

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