Best Chess Pieces TechnoBuffalo 2021

Having an extra set of chess pieces is helpful in tournament play, replacing lost pieces of your favorite chess set, or for traveling. Usings pieces that you are familiar with help keep your head in the game and your play on pace. Here are some of the best chess pieces including some sets that can be paired with a neat chessboard for display in your home.

GrowUpSmart Staunton Style Chess Checkers Pieces

Best overall: GrowUpSmart Staunton Style Chess & Checker Pieces

This beautiful replacement set of chess pieces are made from wood and included pieces for playing checkers, too. The largest piece measures 25 mm at the base with the tallest pieces measuring 20 mm high. The playing pieces are made in the Stauton tournament style and come with a velvet drawstring storage bag.

£13 at Amazon
StonKraft   Brass Chess Pieces

Best collectible chess pieces: StonKraft Brass Chess Pieces

The StonKrast chess piece set is made from both brass and wood in a style that stands out because of its uniqueness. The king pieces stand 9 cm high and all bases are 2.5 cm wide. This chess piece set can be paired with just about any chessboard - marble, wood, glass, metal - for a beautiful display piece.

£75 at Amazon
Zerodis Wooden International Chess Pieces

Best for tournament play: 32PCS Wooden International Chess Pieces

Staff Pick

This set of wooden chess pieces by Zerodis is made in Staunton style and meets regulations for tournament play, including at international events. The pieces are sanded and finished smooth, so there aren't any knicks or slivers. The bottom of each piece is covered with felt to both protect the chessboard and help the pieces move smoothly.

£11 at Amazon
Dilwe Chess Pieces Set

Best value chess pieces: Dilwe Chess Pieces Set

The Dilwe chess pieces are made from sturdy plastic, which makes them lightweight and easy to use. The pieces are made in the Stauton tournament play style but are a bit bigger, so they can't be used in regulation play. But they are a great choice for casual play and for kids learning the game.

£8 at Amazon
The Regency Isle Lewis Chess Pieces

Best gift set: The Regency Chess Lewis Piece

The Regency chess set is a replica of the the12-century Isle of Lewis set. The pieces are well defined and made from resin with felt bottoms to help them glade across the chessboard. The pieces are large so they can be seen from a distance or held firmly by even tiny hands during gameplay.

£85 at Amazon
Stand Out Fold Away Chess Set

Best chess pieces and board: Stand Out Fold Away Wooden Chess Board and Pieces

The chess pieces in this set come with the board, so you can play a game right from the start. The board and pieces are made from wood. The board is smaller than a regulation board, but it is still annotated to help you learn. The board folds up into a carrying case with space for each of the chess pieces to kept safe between games.

£12 at Amazon

Our recommendations

If you're an avid chess player - or are aspiring to become one - it is helpful to have a spare chess piece set to take with you. The Zerodis wooden chess pieces meet international tournament play. They feature the well-known Staunton design and measure perfectly for playing on tournament approved chessboards.

For collectors, check out the StonKraft chess pieces. It is made with both brass and wood and features a unique design that is pleasing to look at and admire. The Regency gift set is another great collection chess piece set that is a replica of the famed Isle of Lewis set.

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