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A ceramic knife might seem a little absurd, but this is not ceramic as in crockery, we're talking zirconium dioxide, or "zirconia". High-quality ceramic knives can rate as high as 8.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. In context, hardened steel rates 7.5 to 8 and diamonds are a 10. As well as being strong, ceramic knives are sharpened to a wicked edge that easily cuts through soft fruits, vegetables and proteins like butter. Rust-resistant and lightweight, these knives are odour-proof and easy to clean. While you still need some steel in your knife collection, ceramic utility and paring knives are highly recommended.

All white: Kyocera GEN Series Ceramic Utility Knife

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Japanese brand Kyocera is a big name in the ceramic knife industry. This 11cm/4.3-inch utility knife is perfect for slicing soft fruit and veg without leaving any metallic taste. The blade is made of zirconia ceramics and is hand-sharpened.

£39 at Amazon

The dark side: Ankway Black Ceramic Knife Set with Protective Covers

Complete with protective covers, this Ankway set is good value and as a bonus, includes a vegetable peeler. With a 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-inch knife, your food prep needs are pretty much sorted. If you're looking to buy a ceramic knife set as a present, note that this set comes in a smart gift box.

£14 at Amazon

High-grade blades: Jeslon 4-Piece Multi-Colour Ceramic Knives Set

This set from Jeslon is comprised of four multi-colour knives — a 3-inch paring knife, a 4-inch fruit knife, a 5-inch utility knife and a 6-inch chef's knife, all complete with protective covers. The handles are anti-slip and ergonomic and have a guard ridge design to protect your hand.

£16 at Amazon

Do you Santoku?: Sabatier Maison 5-Inch Ceramic Santoku Knife

Heritage brand Sabatier promises effortless food preparation with this 12.7cm/5-inch multi-purpose "Santoku" knife. With a gently curved handle for comfort, it's made from high-quality ceramic with a polished blade that you can protect with the bundled blade cover.

£14 at Amazon

Cutting edge: Cuisinart C59CE-8SL Element Open Stock Ceramic Slicing Knife

Boasting new advanced blade technology, Cuisinart promises that this knife's blade retains its sharp edge longer than traditional steel blades and even offers a five-year warranty. The handle of this option is ergonomically designed to provide comfort and strength and has a raised, textured area near the blade for better grip.

£22 at Amazon

It's transparent: Hecef 4-Piece Ceramic Knives Set with Acrylic Stand

Ultra-sharp and rust-proof this set from Hecef comes with a smart acrylic stand offering a tidy way to store and protect the knives. Black, with a mirror finish on the blade, this set is made up of a 6-inch chef's knife, a 4-inch fruit knife and a 3-incher for paring.

£16 at Amazon

Not crumby: Berghoff Leo Ceramic Coated Non-Stick Bread Knife with Soft Touch Handle

This bread knife is a little different as it's made from the highest grade stainless steel but has a non-stick ceramic coating for optimum slicing performance and long-lasting sharpness. The blade measures 23cm/9-inches and the comfortable handle has a soft-touch finish.

£11 at Amazon

Cut and colour: Knendet 4-Piece Ceramic Knife Set with Multi-Color Handles and Sheath Covers

This attractive set of knives from Knendet is made up of a 6-inch red-handled chef knife, a 5-inch green-handled utility knife, a 4-inch yellow-handled fruit knife, and 3-inch blue-handled paring knife. The blades have a stainless steel core and then a non-stick ceramic coating for sharpness.

£20 at Amazon

Nice slicer: Sabatier Maison 6-Inch Ceramic Chef Knife

This knife is from Sabatier's "Maison" collection and boasts a new polished finish blade technology with high-quality break resistance and a sharper edge than a steel blade. Complete with a cover for safe storage, this measures in at a 15.25cm/6-inches.

£14 at Amazon

To the point: Taylor's Eye Witness Ceramic Blade Utility Knife with Sheath

Taylor's Eye Witness five-incher is an excellent all-round utility knife. The satin white zirconia ceramic blade is backed up by a contoured and rubberised handle for better precision work in the kitchen. Dishwasher-safe, this knife comes complete with a substantial protective sheath.

£12 at Amazon

In the pink: Berghoff Leo Ceramic Coated Non-Stick Carving Knife with Soft Touch Handle

In a rather eye-catching tone of rose pink, this is another Berghoof Leo option, but this time it's a 7.5-inch carving knife. This knife's construction is high-grade stainless steel with a non-stick ceramic coating for the smooth and easy carving of any cooked protein.

£11 at Amazon

Steak out: Taylor's Eye Witness Brooklyn Black Serrated Steak Knife Set

Finally, something a little different with this striking set of steak knives with ceramic coated blades. While being perfect as rather swank steak knives, these can also be used in the kitchen to slice through small- to medium-sized fruits and veggies with skin that needs a bit more effort to get through, like tomatoes and grapes.

£15 at Amazon

A knife less ordinary

Ceramic knives aren't perfect — they can chip if not used correctly, the blade will almost certainly break if they're dropped on a hard kitchen floor, and although some are dishwasher safe, in theory, you need to make sure they will not be bashed against anything that could damage the blade.

Having said that, if you cook often and want a lightweight, hygienic knife for prep of vegetables and salad stuff, a knife like the Taylor's Eye Witness Ceramic Blade Utility Knife could well become your go-to tool for such tasks.

Our overall best choice, the Kyocera GEN Series Ceramic Utility Knife, comes recommended. A 4.3-inch utility knife, this is a great all-rounder for all kinds of kitchen cutting jobs. You could use this sleek tool for anything that doesn't have a bone in it and enjoy super-sharp, lightweight cutting and chopping — be sure always to use a chopping board to protect that ceramic blade.

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