Best Ceiling Fans TechnoBuffalo 2020

The convenience of modern ceiling fans is that you can use them all year round. During summer, the blades spin anticlockwise to circulate cold air, and clockwise during winter to keep warm air from rising. Installing a ceiling fan keeps the air in your space cool by reducing the need to crank up your AC, saving you several bucks in the process. Whether you are looking to buy a new fan or upgrade, we got you covered. Here are the best ceilings fans available today.

Ultra bright: MiniSun Chrome 42"

Staff Favorite

A trendy four-blade fan in a brushed chrome finish that adds aesthetic value to any space. The fan is integrated with a 4-way spotlight that directs light to multiple directions. It is fitted with a directional motor and reversible blades making it ideal for any room in either warm or cold conditions.

£70 at Amazon

Low profile: Westinghouse Lighting 72557

This is a 112-inch coeval ceiling fan in chrome finish. It's ideal for rooms f up to 15 sq.m. It has a unique fan design and a powerful motor to give you an impressive cooling and quiet performance. It comes with remote control with a reverse switch for summer/ winter operation.

£161 at Amazon

Delight your child: Westinghouse Lighting 78673 Turbo II

This is a stylish Turbo II fan that stands out in performance. Its tiny size makes it ideal for small spaces. This fan flaunts a 12-colour blend making it a solid choice for your children's rooms. The highlight of this fan is that it can be customized to perfectly blend with the interiors.

£93 at Amazon

Damp-rated fan: H&Fun 52"

Spaces like patios, porches, and sunrooms are exposed to high humidity, and they could benefit from this damp-rated fan. It flaunts modern ABS blades that cannot be deformed when in soaked in water. It has a timing function that takes care of your worries about turning off the fan at night when you go to sleep.

£220 at Amazon

Energy efficient: QAZQA Modern Ceiling Fan

Keeping your spaces cool doesn't necessarily mean you need energy consuming appliances. The QAZQA modern ceiling fan is carefully engineered to conserve energy while providing a pleasant breeze and sufficient light. The fan is equipped with a traditional pull switch.

£88 at Amazon

Timeless style: Westinghouse Princess Trio

An ideal indoor modish fan designed with oak/mahogany blades and given a warm polished finish. The blades are pitched at 11°, attached to a reversible motor, and the fan allows dual mount installation. It's ideal for low, high, standard, and angled ceilings.

£90 at Amazon

Powerful: MiniSun White 42"

With 42'' blade spin diameter and well-contoured blades, the fan is suited for large spaces that need a ton of fresh air. Unlike regular fans, it has a super directional motor for powerful airflow of 64.16m³ airflow per minute with minimum drag. It's ideal for all rooms and the hallway.

£40 at Amazon

Our top picks

Besides circulating air around, some modern ceiling fans come with a light kit. A good example is the MiniSun Chrome 42"which is our favourite ceiling fan. It features four sleek blades and a reversible motor so that you can use it all year round. For added convenience, the fan has three-speed settings.

The H&Fun 52" is an excellent choice for large rooms and covered patios, porches, and sunrooms. The drifted oak finish gives the fan a rustic feel and ability to withstand high humidity. With an integrated light kit, it is bright enough to be used as the only source of light in some spaces.

The QAZQA Modern Ceiling Fan is a premium ceiling fan ideal for every room you need a refreshing breeze. It is whisper-quiet, sturdy, and doesn't vibrate at all. The ceiling is stylish and fits perfectly in modern designs. It has two pull chains, one for controlling the fan and the other for the lights.

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