Best Car Air Freshener TechnoBuffalo 2022

Your car picks up odours no matter how careful you might be. From the dog you had in the back seat to the gym clothes you carry around to the takeaway you picked up last week, smells get trapped in your vehicle and have nowhere to go. Neutralise odours quickly and keep your ride smelling clean with an air freshener. We've tried them all, and these are our top picks.


Sweeten the air: California Car Scents Coronado Cherry

Staff Favorite

Open a can of California Car Scent and hide it out of the way under a seat. There's no reason to advertise your air freshener, right? Each canister is bursting with Coronado cherries that sweeten the air in your vehicle for months before needing to be replaced. This four-pack will last an entire year. Wow!

£10 at Amazon

Fragrance on a budget: Little Trees Forest Fresh

Little Trees has been making car-specific air fresheners since 1952, and they've perfected their approach. This single hanging tree cutout carries the aroma of the forest through your car. Fresh pine fragrance is released gradually over several weeks and is never overpowering.

£2 at Amazon

Aromatherapy to the rescue: Hiveexagon Acorn Oil Diffuser

This hangable pendant is made of real wood and has a small glass inside into which you add your favourite essential oils. Sprinkle a few drops of oil on a bit of cotton, stick it inside the acorn, and fill your car with healthy clean aromatics. There's no waste and no harmful chemicals.

£20 at Amazon

A six-pack of freshness: Febreeze Cotton Fresh Car Clips

Febreeze specialises in cleaning away lingering odours, not covering them up with harsh chemicals. These clips slip in your car's air vent where the heater or AC helps to circulate the light, deodorising perfume. Each clip lasts one month, and there are six clips included.

£18 at Amazon

You can't go wrong with candy: Jelly Belly Very Cherry

Add a giant bean to your inside mirror while sugarcoating the air. Jelly Belly offers up the mouth-watering smell of "Very Cherry" in this 3D-shaped jelly bean. The fruity essence covers up the stink, and the air freshener holds its strength for a weeks before needing changing out.

£3 at Amazon

Hand-dipped British fragrances: Sam Story Orange Blossom & Bay

The divine scents of Sam Story's hand-dipped air fresheners will blow you away. Enhanced with the most exquisite fragrances and essential oils, Sam Story has hints of orange blossom, neroli, and bay, and gives off a refreshing spiciness that holds up for a month. This value kit includes four air fresheners.

£6 at Amazon

Here's what we think

The nose knows when something funky is lurking in your car. A good air freshener gets rid of the stench and deodorises the air. Our favourite air freshener is from California Scents. We love the tiny cans that hideaway under seats and the long-lasting scents.

If you have a collection of essential oils at home, it's worth the investment to go with the Hivexagon Acorn Oil Defuser. The natural wood acorn dangles from your rearview mirror and disperses your favourite essential oils throughout your vehicle. And if you're a nature lover, Little Trees Forest Fresh is inexpensive, smells of walk in the woods, and fills your car for weeks.

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