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If you are serious about photography and own a camera, that is not part of your mobile phone, you've probably thought about a suitable camera strap. The rest of us have paid little attention. Not every camera comes with a stylish strap; most are dull and boring. Why not add some style to your camera by choosing one from the following list we have created? It was produced after a study of the best camera straps available right now.

Blackrapid Best Caera Straps Render Blackrapids

Cross body design: BLACKRAPID CROSS Breathe Shoulder Strap

Staff Pick

You wear the BlackRapid Cross Shoulder strap across the body. It features a moisture-wicking shoulder pad for comfort and when your body gets heat. An accompanying stabilising strap ensures the camera stays in place whether you're running or just strolling through the city. The strap is adjustable to go from 35-inches to 66-inches to accommodate a range of body shapes, and the 1-inch wide nylon webbing wears comfortably.

£49 at Amazon
Spider Best Camera Straps Render Spiderholster

Hand strap: Spider Camera Hand Strap

This genuine leather-made S-shaped camera hand strap has a foam padding for maximum comfort and camera control. The more you use it, the more it conforms to your hand offering ultimate warmth. The strap allows clear access to the battery door and memory card slots.

£60 at Amazon
Movo Best Camera Straps Render Movophoto

Shock absorbing: Movo Photo NS-1 Shock-Absorbing Neck Strap

A quick-release shock-absorbing camera strap, the Movo NS-1 is made from 3-inch-wide neoprene for ultimate comfort and convenience. It fits most cameras, camcorders and binoculars, while the ergonomically designed padded neck area offers shock-absorption and support over long term use. The strap is also non-slip tp prevent any accidents.

£13 at Amazon
Usagear Best Camera Straps Render Usagear

SLR camera harness: USA Gear DSLR Camera Strap Chest Harness

Many action-photographers need to have both hands free and their cameras nearby. That's when the USA Gear Harness proves its value. It fits most cameras, is adjustable to provide convenience and comfort to different sized photographers. The neoprene harness offers durability and weight distribution around the neck, back and shoulders. It also comes with accessory storage pockets for things like pens, memory cards or lens cleaning equipment. The shoulder straps come in a range of colours.

£20 at Amazon
Expro Best Camera Straps Render Amazon

Best value: Ex-Pro Digital Camera Neck Strap

Use this Ex-Pro Digital Camera Neck strap, with an integrated lanyard, for any device that has a built-in loop holder. You get five per pack of these high-quality, double thickness, woven nylon straps. A range of colours offers the opportunity of matching your fashion sense.

£4 at Amazon
Chmete Best Camera Straps Render Amazon

Vintage bohemia: CHMETE Bohemia Vintage Camera Neck Strap

The Chmete Bohemia Vintage Camera strap is an eye-pleasing design that will highlight the wearer. Strong and durable, the belt is compatible with most cameras. Made of durable nylon webbing the mildew resistant wide strap is both comfortable and convenient. The length is also adjustable to fit your comfort level and give you that sophisticated look.

£6 at Amazon

Carry your camera with authority and a good looking strap

Spend a little time choosing the right camera strap. Most fit the function but will one look good on you? Use our research to get one that suits you, and we think the BLACKRAPID CROSS Breathe Shoulder Strap is the best choice of camera straps available. The moisture-wicking shoulder pad is comfortable and has a stabilising strap to keep your camera in place. It's a favourite strap for many professionals as well as enthusiasts.

For style and a vintage look, go with the CHMETE Bohemia Vintage Camera Neck Strap. The Bohemia design is pleasing to the eye and will also highlight your personality. It's a strong and durable strap that would make a perfect gift.

A camera strap may not make you a better photographer, but you will gain some style.

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