Best Bubble Wrap TechnoBuffalo 2020

The safest way to ship or store breakable items or electronics is by securing them using bubble wrap. The sealed air bubbles provide a flexible and durable cushion that protects items on transit against impact or rough handling. Besides, popping bubble wrap is absolute fun and a great way to relieve stress. We have rounded up varying sizes of the best bubble wraps available today.

Long Enough: Global Packaging Bubble Wrap

Staff Pick

Measuring 500mm wide X 100m long, the bubble wrap is quite big and perfect for moving houses or if you ship items a lot. It has strong, small bubbles which are great for protecting items against scratches.

£11 at Amazon

Excellent Cushioning: Triplast Packing Roll

The Triplast roll comes with small firm bubbles that provide excellent cushioning in case your item falls from a reasonable height. The wrap measures 500mm wide X 50m long and It's compatible with standard and packing tape.

£9 at Amazon

Superb Quality: Star Supplies Premium Bubble Wrap

Large breakable items can be a nightmare to ship or move. You will need a wrap with big air pockets for excellent shock absorption. This bubble wrap is tear-resistant, and you can use it over and over.

£23 at Amazon

Perfect Size: GP Globe Packaging Roll of Bubble Wrap

For medium-sized packaging needs, it gets better with the GP bubble wrap that measures 500mm wide X 25m long. Also, the wrap has small air pockets that provide maximum protection to items in storage or transit.

£7 at Amazon

Peel and Seal: 50 Plain Bubble Wrap Bags Pouches

Bubble pouches are such a great alternative to large rolls of bubble wrap. They come in different sizes, and these particular ones measure 9'' X 11". All you need to do is open the pouch, slide your item in, remove the strip and seal.

£13 at Amazon

Anti-static: Duck Brand Anti-Static Bubble Wrap

Whereas some bubble wraps tend to store static charge which attracts dust, your electronics will be protected with this pink anti-static bubble wrap. It's about 24 inches wide and 15 metres long with perforations every 12 inches for easy tear-off.

£30 at Amazon

Our top picks

The structure of bubble wrap is sealed air and very light-weight yet durable plastic material. As such, it is one of the lightest but safest packaging material, and it adds negligible cost to weight-based shipping. You don't have to throw away the wrap after a single use since it can be reused a few times as long as the bubbles are intact.

You will be pleased with the Global Packaging Bubble Wrap on its excellent quality and small bubbles that create a perfect cushion against impact. Measuring 500mm wide x 100 Metres long, the bubble wrap is long enough and can be cut to fit all odd-shaped items. If you are tired of cutting large rolls of bubble wrap to fit small flat items, the Plain Bubble Wrap Pouches will serve you well. The bubble pouches have an extra film for added protection to all your breakables. All you need to do is slide your item into the pouch, remove the slip, seal the pouch and you are good to go.

The Triplast Bubble Wrap comes with a cardboard core so the bubble roll can be used with wall mounted bubble wrap dispensers. An absolute packaging convenience.

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