Best Automatic Feeders for Cats TechnoBuffalo 2022

Cats get a bad rap for being finicky. The truth is, your feline friend is more independent than your dog, and that doesn't make them picky or demanding. Treat your cat right and feed them on time with an automatic cat feeder. These handy devices dispense food only when needed and in the amount you specify. Kibble stays fresh, and your cat keeps purring. It's a win-win!

Serve wet or dry food on a timer: Cat Mate C500

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Serve up to five meals of moist food or dry kibble with the Cat Mate C500. Internal twin ice packs keep wet food fresh while the close-fitting rotating plastic cover holds a tight seal on dry food. Each compartment houses enough for two adult cats. Once programmed, this model can serve up to five meals at times of your choosing.

£40 at Amazon

Feed the cat and leave a message: Wopet Automatic Feeder with IR Detect

The Wopet pet feeder dishes out up to four meals a day on a timer. Infrared detection aims food right at the bowl and prevents spills. Each internal food grid stores 5 grams of dry food, and you choose portion sizes tailored to your cat's needs. Bonus: you can record your voice on the built-in recorder to call pets for mealtimes.

£54 at Amazon

Budget pick: Trixie Tx2

The Trixie Tx2 is an affordable automatic cat feeder that works with moist or dry food. The included dual ice packs keep wet food at a safe temperature, so you can spoil your feline friend as much as you like. You set feeding times with a manual rotating timer, and the feeding lid pops open in time for breakfast and dinner.

£15 at Amazon

Smart feeder: Sure Petcare Surefeed Microchip Connect

The microchip-operated Sure Petcare automatic feeder prevents cats from stealing each other's food and from overindulging while you're away. The arch on the top of the feeder reads your cats' microchips and then dispenses the correct amount of dry kibble for each cat. Smart! You schedule individual feedings with the Sure Petcare free app.

£105 at Amazon

Keep the food flowing: YGJT Pet Feeder and Water Dispenser

YGJT offers this twin set of dishes and dispensers at a steal! You'll get one food container and bowl and one water dispenser and bowl. Finally, you can leave on holiday without worrying about finding a friend to check in on your furry mates. This ingenious set comes with non-slip rubber caps under each dish, so food and water never get knocked over.

£25 at Amazon

Call your cat to dinner: HoneyGuaridan Portion Control Feeder

If separation anxiety causes your cat undue stress, she'll love the HoneyGuaridan feeder! An included sound recorder lets you leave brief messages that play during feeding times to keep your pal company. This model stores up to 13 cups of dry food and can be programmed to dispense six meals per day.

£70 at Amazon

Keep multiple cats fed: GoHiking Automatic 6.5L Food Dispenser

If more than one cat is living under your roof, the automatic feeder from GoHiking is just the ticket to keep them both well-fed. This model holds 6.5 litres of kibble and is programmable. You take charge of portion control with GoHiking. The easy-to-read LCD is simple to program and even lets you leave short voice messages for your cat.

£64 at Amazon

Timed feedings: Wopet Cat Food Dispenser

You'll get two food dishes with this bundle from Wopet. Each unit includes a manual timer that controls the lid that gives your pet access to their meals. Six suction cups hold the dishes in place, and a 48-hour timer lets you set a feeding schedule for up to two meals a day. These are perfect for multiple cat households or when you're away on holiday.

£30 at Amazon

Pet-proof feedings: Cat Mate C3000

The Cat Mate C3000 stores as much as three kilograms of dry food in the hopper. A battery-operated LCD gives you total control of how much your cat eats as well as what time. This is a purrfect match for cats that overeat. The pet-proof lid is impossible for felines to lift, ensuring your cat only eats when and what it should.

£58 at Amazon

Feed up to six times a day: HoneyGuaridan A26

For cats that like to nibble, this futuristic feeder from HoneyGuaridan is a dream. Call your fluffy pal to dinner with your pre-recorded voice while the A26 automatically dishes out meals up to six times a day. You decide how much your cat eats and when, and the A26 does the heavy lifting for you.

£80 at Amazon

Feed and water for days: Karlie Duo Max

Whether you're going away or need a feeder you don't have to mess with daily, this model from Karlie can help. The food hopper keeps dry food fresh and tasty while a built-in water dispenser gives your cat access to clean water whenever they like. This model holds enough food and water for one week.

£12 at Amazon

If you want our recommendation

Our cats meow with delight over the Cat Mate C500, and we're sure yours will too. Internal ice packs and ample storage space give your cat access to fresh moist or dry food. The feeder is easy to program and serves up to five meals so you can get away for a weekend without worry.

If your kitten friends get lonely while you're out, you can call them to dinner and keep them company with pre-recorded messages during meals with the Wopet Automatic Feeder. Set a schedule for up to four meals a day, and this cute feeder will spoil your kittens with food and sweet talk.

If you need something more straightforward, we love the Karlie Duo Max. With access to up to seven days worth of food and water, you can pop out of the house for a weekend and still feed the animals on time.

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