Best Ankle Braces TechnoBuffalo 2021

Any injury can be tough to deal with, especially if it keeps you from getting around. Using an ankle brace during activity relieves pain and soreness in weak, arthritic, and injured ankles. We've looked at them all, and these are the ankle braces that top our list of favourites this year.


Firm yet adjustable: McDavid 195 Ankle Brace

Staff Pick

This McDavid ankle brace is beloved by athletes everywhere because it gives firm yet adjustable support to the ankle joint without restricting your range of motion. The McDavid 195 laces up like a shoe and ties at the top. Straps also wrap around the ankle in a 6-figure pattern for additional stability. This brace fits the right or left foot and has a padded lining for comfort. I wear this when hiking long distances, and it gives me the freedom to go up and down steep terrain, all while holding my ankle stable. The brace fits snugly but also slides in most athletic shoes and boots.

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Stephen Curry's brace: Zamst A2-DX

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors swears by the Zamst A2-DX for its dual exterior moulded support structure. It holds your ankle steady, protecting it from bumps and against rolling inward or outward. High ankle sprains aren't addressed with most braces. Still, the A2-DX prevents those types of injuries with anchor straps and stabilisers that wrap around the top of the ankle bone and middle of the foot. The thoughtful anatomical design gives a perfect fit, superb protection against injury, and enough support to let you be active while rehabbing from injury.

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Advanced support: Mueller Ankle Stabilizer

The criss-cross straps on the Mueller ankle brace are designed to minimise slippage during activities. This brace holds firm to your foot, never bunching or moving around, even during exercise. Rigid plastic stays on both sides of the ankle bone reinforce the joint during movement and rest. The straps are backed by Velcro and adjustable. The open heel design makes this more of a minimalistic brace, but one that offers a moderate level of support needed when recovering from an injury or living with arthritis.

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If you want our recommendation

Early-onset arthritis has left me with troubled, achy joints, and I rely on ankle braces to get me through tough long-distance hikes and short runs. The brace I wear most often is the McDavid 195. I love that I can lace this brace like a shoe, adjusting the level of compression as needed, and also have the added stability of wraparound straps. The McDavid 195 is ideal for sports and other activities, and as a recovery aid.

And if you're a basketball, tennis, or volleyball player, your best choice is the Zamst A2-DX. With an anatomically correct fit and moulded support that keeps your ankle aligned, you'll shelter your joints from damage while supporting muscles, tendons, and your ankle bone from injury.

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