UFC and ESPN have quickly addressed one major pain point of streaming pay per view events. MMA fans will be happy to know that ESPN has update their TV app, and they can now buy UFC PPV events directly in the ESPN app using their remote, beginning with UFC 237.

When UFC and ESPN offered the first pay per view event under their new exclusive deal, fans were unable to purchase UFC 236 directly in the ESPN app on their TV. This caused confusion for fans that were new to ESPN+, and had been used to buying UFC PPV events using a remote on their cable box. Even UFC fighters like Frankie Edgar took to social media to complain about an error message that came when they tried to purchase it on their TV.

Instead, viewers needed to go to their computer and purchase the PPV there, then use their login to activate it in the TV app. MMA Fighting reported that UFC President Dana White apologized for the confusion, and promised that things would get better. Now, current ESPN+ subscribers can buy the latest PPV, UFC 237, on their TV.

If you are not currently an ESPN+ subscriber, you will still need to use a computer, but there is a good reason for that. Creating an account, and adding payment information like a credit card number or PayPal account, isn't fun to do using an on-screen keyboard on a TV. However, for taking that step, new subscribers will receive a special offer of UFC 237 PPV and a full year subscription to ESPN+ for only $79.99.

If you are an ESPN+ subscriber, buying UFC 237 on your TV is easy.

  1. Open the ESPN app on your TV.
  2. Switch to the ESPN+ section in the top row navigation bar.
  3. Find the UFC 237 event page. It should be one of the first icons on the screen.
  4. Select the event. You will then see a screen that lets you finish your purchase.

We have confirmed that this update is available for Android TV and Fire TV. We will update as it hits other devices, but expect to see it show up on other ESPN TV apps very soon.

Buy UFC 237 PPV

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