There isn't much time left in 2014 so we suppose it comes as no surprise that Canonical, the parent company behind Ubuntu, recently confirmed that the first Ubuntu-powered smartphones have been delayed until "early" next year. The first Ubuntu-powered devices were originally scheduled to launch sometime in 2014.

"Canonical continues to work closely with its first selected hardware partners, Meizu and bq, to bring Ubuntu phones to market in Europe and China," Canonical's vice president of mobile Cristian Parrino recently told PCWorld, without discussing rollouts to other markets such as the United States. The phones are expected to cost somewhere between $200 and $400 when they do launch.

PCWorld, in its discussions with Parrinosuggested that the "release to manufacturer" (RTM) builds weren't up-to-snuff according to Canonical's standards, which caused a slight delay. Parrino also suggested that Canonical doesn't want to release a half-baked operating system and that the team is working to make sure everything is "just right" and will please consumers who use its software on new smartphones.

Mobile World Congress kicks off in early March, and it's possible we'll hear more on Canonical's news there, if not before then, given the show's large focus on mobile technology.