With just two weeks left to reach its lofty goal of $32 million on Indiegogo, Canonical has slashed the pledge price for a copy of the Ubuntu Edge by $80 from $775 to $695. The company’s plan to crowd-fund the Linux-based smartphone was met with millions of dollars in early support, but that excitement seems to have dried up. With half its fundraising time already gone, the Ubuntu Edge has racked up just over $8.5 million, amounting to less than a third of the total goal set.

It’s not all bad news for the Ubuntu Edge, though. While orders for the $695 model are slowly filling up, Bloomberg LP yesterday became the first company to pledge $80,000 for the Enterprise Bundle, which includes 100 copies of the smartphone along with hands-on workshops and 30 days of online support. Canonical is hopeful that additional companies will take advantage of the deal, and announced today that it has increased the number of units in the Enterprise Bundle to 115 to reflect the latest price drop.

Here’s a quick refresher on the Ubuntu Edge, if you need it: the handset dual boots Ubuntu OS and Android and is designed to function as both a smartphone and a portable desktop computer, thanks to its whopping 128GB of storage. It also comes equipped with 4GB of RAM, a silicon-anode Li-on battery, two LTE antennas, a 4.5-inch sapphire glass display, stereo speakers, and will sport the most powerful processor available whenever production begins.