If you missed your chance to pre-order the Ubuntu Edge for $600 on Indiegogo and couldn’t bring yourself to shell out the full $830 then you’re in luck. Canonical has added several new price points, offering the handset for $625, $675, $725 and $775. Each deal is limited to 1,250 units with the lowest new price point already sold out again.

Canonical shocked the tech world earlier this week when it unveiled its plan to manufacture the Ubuntu Edge, a super-powerful smartphone running both Ubuntu OS as well as Android, by crowd-funding $32 million. Excitement over the device is high, with over $5 million already raised, but it looks like pledges quickly began to taper off once the lower price point sold out, with only 10 people claiming a full-priced model.

If you’re new to the Ubuntu Edge, or you just need a quick refresher, here’s why we’re drooling over the still-theoretical handset: First off, the first Ubuntu smartphone will also function as a full PC, plugging into a desktop monitor and packing 128GB of storage that you’ll carry around in your pocket during the day. It will also come equipped with 4GB of RAM, a silicon-anode Li-on battery, not one but two LTE antennas so you get the fastest service in both the U.S. and Europe, and the most powerful processor available whenever production begins. The Edge will also sport a super-strong 4.5-inch sapphire glass display, stereo speakers, and an angular design with chamfered edges.