Know Your Friends, from developer and publisher Ubisoft, was ready to play a full year ago, according to Unseen 64. It's not on shelves, however, and it looks like it may never be. The worst part is that it actually looks pretty fun.

Know Your Friends is a party quiz game designed exclusively for the Wii U that makes extensive use of the system's unique controller. You start by using the Wii U GamePad to take a picture of each player's face, which is then mapped onto a paper cutout avatar set in the game's unique art style. One question listed by Unseen 64 has players rearranging each other on the touch-screen in order of who is most likely to invite the others over for dinner – a low-barrier of entry type of game that could pull in a lot of less frequent gamers.

Ubisoft hasn't scheduled it for release, though, and doesn't have any Wii U titles scheduled for release following last fall's release of Watch_Dogs. The game even has an ESRB rating.

While the Wii U has no shortage of great, possibly even classic games, this situation is indicative of the struggle third party developers seem to have with the system. We hope Know Your Friends gets some sunlight, because it looks like a lot of fun. If Ubisoft doesn't want to put it out on Wii U, it might want to look at the smartphone and tablet interface the games from JackBox Games use for its releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for some inspiration: