Earlier this week, Ubisoft announced an ambitious attempt to turn the world of Avatar's Pandora into a fully fledged, open world game. It's a huge project, one that requires the aid of The Division developer Massive Entertainment and its 400+ employees.

The only problem is that many fans feel that The Division isn't finished or has lived up to its promises yet. With Massive Entertainment focused on a new game, some are wondering if we've seen the end of The Division's updates or indeed even a sequel.

Ubisoft provided a response to Eurogamer in regards to this.

Avatar is a new project with its own dedicated team and Massive is currently recruiting top talent to work on it. Avatar's development has no impact on the team working on The Division or on our plans to continually support and update the game and brand for the long term. We're proud of what the team has accomplished with The Division, thankful for our community's dedication, and looking forward to sharing more about what's coming next for the game very soon.

When is a game ever "finished?"

I can understand that gamers want continuous and expansive updates for their favorite experiences nowadays, but a developer isn't going to develop the same game until the end of time, unless you're Yacht Club Games of course. Fans want The Division to continue, but it is Ubisoft who gets to make that call. Who decides if a game has run its course or if fans have the right to get upset when it updates stop rolling out?

Who says if a game hasn't lived up to its promises yet, and who is going to hold a publisher accountable for coming up short on those goals?

This used to be a lot mote cut and dry when you bought a game and that was it. Nowadays, man, there just seems to be no end!