Cheating is apparently a problem in the online world of The Division. It’s enough of a problem, in fact, that Ubisoft has had to announce an upcoming policy to deal with the cheaters.

During an exceptionally long “State of the Game” broadcast on Twitch, Ubisoft indicated that it knows there’s a cheating problem. PC Gamer transcribed what Ubisoft’s Yannick Banchereau explained about their cheating detection and penalty.

Get caught cheating and you’ll face a three-day ban for your first offense, without warning.

Ubisoft has it’s on cheat detection stuff, of course, but it isn’t perfect.

“We are not going to pretend that we are 100 percent happy with the situation. It is something we’re working on, and we should have some better solutions coming in the future…We are looking at improving it. We are catching a lot of people, so it’s not as if there was nothing being done, but of course we can always improve on that.”

Players will have access to a report feature on the PC. Ubisoft will look into cases reported and act accordingly. Ubisoft acknowledged that some “cheaters” aren’t cheating, they’re just better than the players sending in the report.

What does cheating in The Division look like? I’m asking, because I didn’t see much of it during my time with the game.