Ubisoft's The Crew started with a daring idea: let the player explore the entire United States. It was a downsized, theme-park version, but it was still a massive world and a unique idea. The game didn't end up being as fun as I'd hoped, but that's what second chances are for. Ubisoft officially introduced The Crew 2 at its conference today.

I get around

One way Ubisoft is hoping to improve the experience of The Crew is by giving us new ways to get around. In the first game, everything you did was on four wheels. Trucks and cars were the name of the game. In The Crew 2, though, we'll find ourselves behind the controls of not just cars, but bikes, planes and boats as well. It looks like helicopters could even join the fray, maybe.

With the goal of The Crew being to explore a huge map, giving us more than one way to explore is a potentially great way to mix things up. The game will need a stronger single-player campaign, in my opinion, but the first footage is looking interesting.