The journey of Beyond Good & Evil 2’s availability continues. The game has gone from being a Nintendo Switch exclusive to not coming to the Nintendo Switch at all to now coming to all four major platforms in under the course of a day.

Hey, how about, you know, just make an official announcement to put this all to rest?

This latest wrench in the story comes from the official Ubisoft Spain Twitter account, which claims that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and finally, the Nintendo Switch.

It’s an official Twitter account of Ubisoft and the post hasn’t been corrected or deleted yet, so you can take it seriously. Saying it’s official is a little bit presumptuous considering that the game is still in “Day Zero Development,” as stated by director Michel Ancel.

Also, given how ridiculously ambitious Ancel is trying to be with this game, I’m not even sure if the Switch can handle it at this point. When they talk about massive journeys, evolving cities, custom characters, multiplayer, my goodness! If it does come to the Switch, it will push the console to the breaking point, that’s for sure.

It’s okay, Ubisoft. You can admit that it’s not coming to the Switch. As a Nintendo fan, I’ll understand… just as long as you deliver properly with Mario + Rabbids.