Ubisoft on Friday said the company is targeting a fall release date for Watch_Dogs on Wii U, which is also scheduled to hit next generation (and last-gen) consoles on May 27. Following an incredibly unfortunate delay—the title was supposed to launch late last year—Ubisoft made headlines in March by announcing a final release date. For Wii U fans, however, the news was bitter sweet, as the console wasn't included in Ubisoft's announcement, prompting some to speculate the title for Nintendo's console was canceled.

That, as it turns out, was completely false. Ubisoft actually confirmed today's news following the game's appearance on the Uplay store. A "fall 2014" timeframe could still get pushed back, but this is the next best thing next to an actual release date. With development on all other versions nearly wrapped up ahead of its May 27 release, that could give Ubisoft more resources to put into the Wii U version.

Watch_Dogs was initially planned to come out for current and next generation consoles late last year, but Ubisoft delayed the title, citing a lack of polish. That obviously didn't sit well with those looking forward to the title—the game was even being offered as part of a PlayStation 4 launch day bundle. However, the final release date is fast approaching, meaning gamers will finally have an opportunity to explore Ubisoft's open world hacker—Wii U owners, however, will have to wait just a little longer.

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