The Ubisoft owned studio Massive has outed that one of its working projects is in fact being developed for next generation of consoles.

The news broke when the Sweden-based studio posted a job listing for an online game programmer. The listing said:

“Looking for a great job creating games? Ubisoft Massive is currently looking for an Online Game Programmer to join us in working with a next-gen project.”

It’s not like it even attempted to hide that this project was going to be developed for next generation consoles. This shows a resemblance to the story we shared earlier this month about Beyond Good & Evil 2 being developed for next generation hardware. The lead developer behind that project was also not shy about revealing plans for the game to launch on a next gen console.

When Ubisoft acquired Massive Entertainment in 2008 it was speculated that the studio would help Ubisoft in the development of massive multiplayer game development. They have also contributed to titles like Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and are currently working on the multiplayer for Far Cry 3. We’re unsure as to what this next gen title is going to be.

While the consoles may not be announced yet, we have to remember that when the launch of the next gen consoles finally does come they need to be readied with a handful of titles to debut alongside the new hardware. So, of course there are going to be developers working on projects a few years in advance. Although inevitable, it still sparks are imagination when we here of these working titles.

We don’t know what these next gen consoles are yet, so hearing them mentioned by developers like Ubisoft Massive can only get us thinking, wondering, and waiting.

[via Gamers Globe]