we-dareWe Dare is the newest, and perhaps only, party game being released for the Wii and PS3 that appears to encourage spanking. Yes, spanking.  Maybe not entirely a "sex" party game, but it rocks and rolls with a bevy of innuendo and suggestive themes.

We Dare is an upcoming European exclusive from Ubisoft set for release on the Wii and PS3. That's right, you'll need a motion controller for this one. We would have loved to see the trailer for the Kinect version.

As a viewer, reader and writer, it's almost too hard not to let forth an intense stream of terrible jokes and one-liners revolving around the awkward nature this trailer delivers. So, we'll leave that to the commenters below and on YouTube. As one of those viewers put it, "I'd hate to see a commercial for the single player campaign." So would we… so would we.

What you're seeing in the trailer all the way up top is an ultra-sexualized realization of what could, in your wildest dreams, happen if you actually used this as a party game. The music, the mega hot players and the constant stream of giddy laughter almost make it too much to watch. And, of course it's the women that are forced to fake kiss and scamper off into the bedroom, not the men.

It's safe to say that this game, were it to release in the States, could potentially get completely blasted on all sides for releasing on a family console like the Wii. Or it could slide in completely under the radar of Fox News and their habit of accusing games of perpetrating all sorts of naughtiness.

Were it not for the overly aggressive nature of the commercial, the music and the way it depicted the "fun" this game would deliver, We Dare would have probably gone completely unnoticed. Now it's just that super awkward game no one here would buy for anything other than a laugh.

Buy it. We Dare you.

[via Inquisitr]