Ubisoft wasn’t kidding around when it talked about tightening down on the biggest problem in its online fighting game, For Honor. AFK farming has become a popular way to join a battle and reap the benefits of the match without actually having to sit at your computer. Just set your game to join automatically, tape down a direction button on your controller, and you still gain experience and other rewards just by running in place.

Leave For Honor on all night, and you’ll awake with a much stronger character.

Obviously, this has created many upset players in the For Honor community with people who play fairly saying they are tired of characters randomly running into walls, and Ubisoft followed through on a threat to curb the action. The company issued 1,500 three-day bans to players who failed to comply with their original warning, and a further 4,000 are players are set to receive further warnings.

AFK farming is against Ubisoft’s Code of Conduct

Ubisoft warned that this style of cheating goes against its online Code of Conduct, and further violations could lead to a permanent ban. Its message closed with a reminder of its community values.

  • Honor: Fight, win and lose with Honor. Support your teammates.
  • Respect: Respect your opponents and other community members, inside and outside the game.
  • Share: Share your experience, share tips and hints, spread the word! Looking forward meeting you all on the battlefields!

For Honor is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.