One of PC RPG's founding franchises is getting a long overdue entry to its expansive library. The Might and Magic games are well known for their first person exploration throughout vast worlds, and seeing that this has been the trend in RPGs over the last few years, Ubisoft has decided to leap back into the market with Might and Magic X.

The series has not seen a proper entry since 2002's Might and Magic IX, but its development was plagued with budget cuts and departing staff. The result was not what the developers has in mind, and lead designer Tim Lang even described it as "pre-alpha at best."

Since then, publisher 3Ds has closed its doors and Ubisoft has kept the franchise going through small side games, including Capybara's popular puzzle RPG hybrid, Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes.

Now with Might and Magic X, Ubisoft is working with Limbic Entertainment, comprised entirely of fans, to make sure they get this entry right and live true to "both the unique core formula and a new set of improved and fine-tuned features."

For example, unlike Bethesda's free-roaming Elder Scrolls series, Might and Magic has always been srictly played along a first person grid, jumping from screen to screen. It's old fashioned but always refreshing to see old ideas get modernized,following in the foosteps of series' highpoint Might and Magic VI.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more from the latest in this landmark series, and hopefully modern day RPG enthusiasts will be able to experience it for the first time. Those unfamiliar can get a few glimpses of the past in the reveal trailer. Ubisoft will be celebrating the series' long legacy at PAX this weekend.