UberPool is a nice way to save money by sharing your car with another person or two, but that also means it may take a little longer to reach your destination. Now Uber is offering a solution with a new “Arrive By” feature and a small discount if you arrive later than promised.

The next time you plug in your destination for an UberPool, you should see a note saying that you’ll arrive at a specific time or earlier. Once you request the ride, that time is locked in. If you reach your destination any later, Uber will knock $2 off the price of your next UberPool trip. The company says that riders will arrive well ahead of the ETA most of the time, but this way you should have some peace of mind when you use the service.

Uber is testing the new feature in Los Angeles to start but says it plans to expand “Arrive By” to other areas soon. The company also notes that UberPool is already a huge success, racking up over 100,000 riders per week. With this latest addition, it looks like the carpooling option could become even more popular.