Uber is offering a new service that lets customers literally fly over traffic jams. The notorious startup this week began promoting helicopter rides to—where else?—the Hamptons during Fourth of July weekend. Because nothing says excess and entitlement like flying high above the less fortunate. This is the U.S., after all. A single ride, according to Uber, costs about $3,000.

On its blog, Uber says the service represents the ultimate freedom. Home of the brave, land of the helicopter rides. "This is the epitome of luxury, convenience, and style," Uber said. Indeed.

The transportation company will open up its new service starting this Wednesday by shuttling the rich and famous to nearby heliports across New York City, where customers will then be gracefully flown to the East Hampton airport—money will rain from the sky, and caviar will be trashed in bulk. Uber will provide rides to and from the chopper for you and up to four lucky friends; the $3,000 flight covers up to five people. Sorry person number six, but you have to find another means of transportation. Maybe a bus. Yuck.

From Fourth of July on, Uber will offer its typical e-hail taxi service throughout the summer on the weekends, including SUV rides—an SUV ride from Manhattan to the Hamptons goes for around $500. You have suitcases full of money, right? Are you not pampered enough? It's obvious this service was meant for you. Unfortunately, the weather—icky thunderstorms—will keep Uber's choppers from flying, so you better hope mother nature is cooperative when you're firing up that smartphone app.