Uber launched a new service this week in an effort to challenge U-Haul and other moving companies. Available now in Hong Kong, UberCARGO lets you ship your stuff across town even if you don’t have time to ride along with it.

UberCARGO works just like any other option in the Uber app. Just request a van and it should arrive in minutes. From there, the driver will help you load in whatever needs to be transported, and you’ll be able to ride along if you want at no extra charge. If you decide to stay behind you can always track the car from your phone.

The company tried something similar last year with UberMOVERS, which briefly helped college students move into their dorms in Atlanta over the summer. We’ve also heard stories of people using Uber’s regular service to transport smaller objects and even pets, though it looks like that’s about to become a full-fledged business of its own.

There’s no word on whether UberCARGO is expanding beyond Hong Kong, though it may depend on how well the initial launch goes. We’d love to see the service come to the U.S. too, but for now you can always hire a U-Haul or just bug your friend with a van for help.