Uh oh, are the days of Uber being (sometimes) more affordable than New York City taxi cabs over? The company announced recently that it's going to tack on a $2 surcharge for riders who use its application to book a yellow—sometimes green—New York City taxi. Take note: this is different than the standard UberX, Black Car and SUV offers that you can also grab through the Uber application.

GigaOm received an e-mail that's being sent to UberT customers, and Uber says that the surcharge is "added to UberT trips on behalf of yellow and boro [those are the green ones] taxi drivers who utilize the Uber platform." While it might seem that Uber is being kind to add some sort of extra charge for Taxi drivers, GigaOm correctly points out that this might just entice riders to take uberX instead. In fact, Uber even advertises uberX in the same e-mail, noting that the rates are "cheaper than an NYC taxi."

Despite the changes to the fees, you'll still need to pay your taxi driver directly—UberT just hails the cab for you. So, you know, don't just get out of the cab without paying.