Uber is making it much easier for drivers and riders to find each other.

The latest features are all about the pickup experience. It should always be simple and stress-free for drivers and riders to pair up, but we all know how quickly things can escalate. Often it’s been incredibly stressful for both.

If you’re in a large city or waiting at a crowded venue, the number of people nearby is insane. So you can’t always find exactly who you’re looking for. Uber, though, might’ve solved everything through software alone.

With Spotlight, riders are given what is essentially an in-app flare. It turns your phone’s display into a specific color that is given to your driver. The driver sees the color in his or her app and then searches for you holding up that color at the pickup location.

In select cities nationwide, Uber’s drivers have been able to take advantage of Beacon. The accessory attaches to a windshield and glows a specific color for riders to identify. Basically, drivers and riders have color markers on both sides now.

All riders are also able to send pickup messages after Uber’s new update. You can say what you’re wearing or details for a nearby landmark. Uber is also giving riders pre-made messages to speed things along. Everything is read aloud to a driver so they can focus on the road.

There’s something major for scheduled pickups, too. Ubers is guaranteeing on-time pickups if you’ve scheduled a ride beforehand. If the ride misses its timeslot, you’ll receive credit.