Uber’s first self-driving cars are officially open for business. The company’s autonomous vehicles are ready to drive customers around Pittsburgh, and for the time being those rides are free.

The company says it’s reserving the first autonomous rides for its most loyal customers. Just agree to ride in a self-driving Uber and then request an Uber X. If an autonomous model is available, it will arrive with a “safety driver” in the front seat. There’s also a second Uber employee up front taking notes and a tablet in the backseat for the passenger to use.

Uber is still testing out the technology and there’s no word on when it could spread to other cities or countries. The company also notes that it won’t be phasing out human drivers entirely. It added that all those self-driving cars will require plenty of maintenance, potentially creating even more jobs in the future.

If you find yourself in Pittsburgh, you can try hailing a self-driving Uber now. Check out this video for a rundown of how it all works: