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Several companies have reportedly expressed interest in acquiring Nokia's HERE maps unit. Facebook and Uber were named as potential parties, and earlier on Thursday a report suggested that Audi, BMW and Mercedes had formed a partnership to acquire HERE. According to The New York Times, Uber has submitted a hefty bid for the company.

Uber reportedly bid about $3 billion for Nokia's HERE maps unit, which has been valued at around (€2 billion, or $2.2 billion) by some estimates. That doesn't mean that Facebook or the trio of automakers still don't have a shot at scooping up the firm, but it's a large chunk of change.

Uber could use HERE maps for obvious reasons—like embedding the tech into its applications instead of relying on data from competitors. The aforementioned automakers also want the service to compete with Silicon Valley giants who plans to sell autonomous vehicles.

It's unclear who will win the bidding, but The New York Times said Nokia hopes to sell the unit by the end of this month.