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One of the oddest things I've noticed about Uber is that you can't actually enter in your final destination. So, when you get in the car, you tell the driver where you're going — and he or she picks you up without first knowing the destination. Sure, you can use Uber to estimate the fare between point A and point B, but that's it. Thankfully, all of this changes today.

Uber introduced new driver and user applications with noteworthy features. First, users can now enter in their final destination inside of Uber, allowing the driver to know exactly where he or she is going before the trip even starts. Hopefully that doesn't make it too hard to hail a cab out to to the 'burbs — some drivers might decide not to pick up specific people now knowing the end destination. Additionally, the Uber driver application will now provide turn-by-turn directions, which means he or she won't need to enter in the destination in a separate GPS unit.

TechCrunch said some of these features were in testing for a few months already, but they should be rolling out to all Uber users now.