Uber Blackberry, Windows Phone apps, Android app gets revised

Uber's global expansion continued today, as the California-based company rolled out its first black cars in Kuala Lumpur. The company announced the Uber KL soft launch on its blog, noting that the number of available cars is extremely limited, though more Uber-approved rides will hit the streets every day.

Similar to its launch in Dubai over the summer, Uber targeted local celebrities on its first day in an attempt to hype up the service. The first Kuala Lumpur resident to hail a ride with his smartphone was Formula One racer Alex Yoong, and soon afterward, local TV host and actor Felina Cheah used Uber to get to work.

In an effort to promote Uber, the company is also offering 50 Malaysian Ringgit (about $15) off when riders use the promo code "UberOnLahKL" anytime through the end of November. The company is also looking to hire executives for its new services in the area.