Uber announced on Thursday that it’s officially rolling out color-coded beacons that will sit in the windshield of each Uber car. It’ll allow you to find the car you’re looking for much easier. No, this might not matter if you’re getting picked up in front of your house in the suburbs, but it’ll be a huge help for folks looking for their drivers outside of airports, in congested cities or after a concert.

As a passenger, after you’ve confirmed a trip, you’ll be able to choose the beacon color at the bottom of the screen. There’s a whole palette of colors, so the chances that yours will have the same as someone else are pretty slim.

“With this technology, riders can personalize their pickup by selecting from an endless number of colors for the Beacon to glow on their driver’s vehicle,” Uber explained.  “And it’s instantly recognizable with the same design as the rider app icon.” Uber said that it’ll deploy additional functions, like pulsating lights or themes for the holidays, too. “Imagine Beacon pulsing St. Patrick’s Day green or colorful rainbows all weekend for Pride,” the company said.

Uber Beacon launch cities

Uber beacons will launch in just a few cities first, including Nashville, Denver and Miami in the United States (and Newcastle in the UK.) Drivers will get their beacons “in the coming days” at Uber community events. The program is set to roll out around the globe in 2017.