Apple’s slowdown drama is far from over as a new report claims the Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating the company after it admitted to slowing down old iPhones.

The drama started earlier this month when Apple said it slowed down old iPhone models due to degraded batteries. That was followed by a lengthy statement from Apple CEO Tim Cook justifying its actions, along with a discounted battery replacement program for the iPhone 6 and later, which runs through the end of this year.

According to Bloomberg, the United States Department of Justice has requested documents from Apple about why it chose to slow down old iPhones.

Since Apple fessed up to slowing down old iPhones, the company has said it will introduce a feature in iOS 11.3 that allows users to disable Apple’s throttling feature.

The U.S. isn’t the only country probing Apple over claims of planned obsolescence, as France has also kicked off an investigation. According to Bloomberg, the U.S.’ investigation is still in the very early stages.