iPad Military

The U.S. Defense Department announced it has just approved the use of Apple's iOS 6 devices for military use. Hey, just in time for iOS 7 to be announced soon. This news comes just a couple weeks after an earlier announcement stating the approval of Samsung and BlackBerry 10 devices for department use.

According to the Bloomberg Report the Defense Department currently uses 600,000 mobile devices, of which 41,000 are iOS devices and 8,700 run Android, and nearly none of those are directly used for military applications. Analysts expect much of BlackBerry's DoD share (75 percent) will be snatched up by Apple and Samsung devices.

So why the sudden interest in infusing mobile technology in to the Defense Department?  Apparently there are significant cost savings in respect to updating documentation. The Pentagon expects to save more than $50 million just by not printing new flight manuals and instead loading employee's iPads with that information. That's a huge Kinko's order!  Additionally Air Force officials expect to save another $750,000 annually on fuel savings just on cutting the weight of flight manuals alone.

Looking ahead, the DoD expects to build and operate its own functioning app store.  One that could handle up to 6 million users that can deliver apps for military personnel. The report did not disclose how quickly new devices would be available to personnel or how soon the DoD's internal app store would be up and running.