U.S. Cellular 2011 launchesU.S. Cellular is not one of those companies you often hear a lot about, but when you announce you’re releasing eight new phones, two tablets and your first 4G LTE devices in one press release, people tend to take notice.

In operation since 1983, U.S. Cellular is the sixth largest mobile carrier in the country, coming in behind Metro PCS.  While not nationwide as of yet, the company does service customers in 26 states, enjoying a healthy percentage of the customers in the Midwest.

The press release issued today was light on details as to all of the brands and models the company expected to release, but it did list that the lineup includes seven Android phones, their first Windows Phone 7 device, two tablets and the first 4G LTE devices would arrive in Nov.  It did go on to say that all of the Android devices would be running Gingerbread, and at least one of them was from Motorola with a dual-core 1 GHz processor.  There was also an unnamed model from LG listed that it would be “heavy on features with a 1 GHz processor, 4-inch touchscreen and ultra-bright LCD display that is easy to view in sunlight.” (AndroidCentral speculates that it’s the Optimus Black)  At least one of the tablets is listed as being a 7-inch tablet from HTC running Android, so the HTC Flyer seems a pretty safe vet.

On the Windows Phone 7 side of things, the unnamed handset is from HTC, but no information beyond that was given.  As to what the 4G LTE devices are, nothing was stated specifically if they were phones are possibly mobile hot spots.

If you live in a U.S. Cellular service area, or are already a customer, it sounds like the sheet number of options coming in might give you pause in the coming months.

If you are a U.S. Cellular customer, what do you think of them?