shopping cart with iPad dock

How often do you write up your shopping list on your iPad? We do it all the time in our house. We used to use the iPhone, but it's so much easier on the iPad's larger screen. However, we don't like the idea of carrying our iPad around the supermarket, unless of course there was some way of docking it to the shopping cart.

Thanks to Sainsbury's, there soon will be: the U.K. supermarket chain has begun pimping out its carts with iPad docks and speakers, allowing savvy shoppers to securely carry their precious tablet around the store with them while they buy next week's groceries.

Knowing that we'll be so engrossed in our iPads while we're walking around the store that we're going to crash into that little old lady in aisle five, the trolleys will also be equipped with a front bumper and a warning sensor which sounds an alert when you get too close to another object. Honestly, it's as if Xzibit himself helped develop these things!

Ian Burgess of Setwo Designs, who created the carts, told British broadsheet The Telegraph:

"Being able to create a gadget that is practical yet innovative is often a challenge but I think with the trolley we've cracked it. The trolley can be used in the traditional way for shopping yet streams the latest sports news easily."

The carts were developed by British broadcaster Sky, in a bid to promote its Sky Go service for mobile devices, which allows user to watch live sport wherever they can get a data connection.

Personally, I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these things, however, I am a little concerned by the built-in speakers. I mean, the iPad dock is a great idea, but I don't want to have to pick oranges next to someone who is listening to Spandau Ballet's greatest hits at full volume.

What do you think of iPad compatible shopping carts?

[via The Next Web]