nexus-7U.K. newspaper The Times, as part of a new Digi Bundle, is subsidizing the cost of a Nexus 7 for those who sign up for an 18-month subscription. What would normally cost £199 for the 32GB model is getting chopped down to just £50, which is a pretty excellent little discount. Basically, the newspaper is adopting the same approach as wireless carriers. Is this the start of a new trend?

When you sign up for the newspaper's Digital Pack, which goes for £17.33 per month, you get access to its Web and mobile app content. So you get a subsidized device, but you still have to pay a monthly fee to use it. The overall cost of ownership, then, amounts to a total of £361.94 over the 18 month period and initial £50.

Is that a particularly good long-term value? Doesn't seem to be. However, if you were going to purchase an 18-month subscription anyway, why not thrown down £50 more and get a Nexus 7?

[via TheVerge]