PlusnetPlusnet, the U.K. home phone and broadband supplier, has announced the introduction of its latest fiberoptic plan that offers download speeds up to 76Mb/s, and upload speeds up to 19.5Mb/s.

The package also more than doubles the allowance of the previous “Plusnet Extra Fiber” plan from 120GB to 250GB, while reducing the cost by £1.48 (approx. $2.35) per month. The allowance matches that offered by Plusnet’s parent company, BT.

There’s also good news for Plusnet’s “Fiber Value” customers, who will now see increased upload speeds of up to 9.5Mb/s.

According to the Plusnet CEO Jamie Ford, these products meet the demands of today’s consumers at a “compelling” price:

“Customers’ internet habits have changed considerably over the last 12 months. People are using more bandwidth and services that demand faster speeds. Our new fibre products not only meet this demand but do so at a compelling price.

“The new fibre product has been making real lifestyle changes too. One-quarter of our trialists said they work from home more and close to two-fifths say they now use internet-enabled devices as a means to entertain guests to their home.”

If you’re already a Plusnet subscriber, unfortunately you won’t see these changes automatically. You’ll need to contact the company to upgrade to take advantage of the new speeds and lower cost — or upgrade online.

[via Engadget]