We've seen people do some pretty amazing things with drones, but there is a minority that do incredibly silly things with them, too — like flying them too close to commercial aircraft. In an effort to tackle this, the U.K.'s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) this week introduced a "drone code."

The drone code is kind of like the highway code; it lays out a series of guidelines that drone operators should follow "to keep everyone safe." Rules include not flying drones above 400 feet (121 meters), using common sense, and keeping them away from aircraft, helicopters, airports, and airfields.

"Drone users must understand that when taking to the skies they are entering one of the busiest areas of airspace in the world – a complex system that brings together all manner of aircraft including passenger aeroplanes, military jets, helicopters, gliders, light aircraft and now drones," says CAA spokesperson Tim Johnson.

If your drone is equipped with cameras, then it should not be flown within 50 meters of people, vehicles, buildings, or structures — or near over-congested areas or large gatherings of people, like at sports events or concerts. The two-minute video below explains some of the basic rules.

The CAA says that it supports drone makers' efforts to build geo-fencing technologies into their products, which would prevent them from being used in certain areas. It offers a quick-start safety guide that can be downloaded from its website via the source link below.