After Typo agreed to stop making its iPhone keyboard case in a settlement with BlackBerry, many thought the company might be dead. But it’s already back with its latest product — a brand new keyboard case for the iPad.

Typo’s iPad keyboard is a lot like the others we’ve already seen, but it’s focused on being a slimline option that won’t add too much bulk to your tablet. The keyboard module itself measures just 5.5mm thin, and it’s combined with a case that’s designed to protect your device at all times.

Despite its slim form factor, the Typo promises plenty of travel for its keys, which are as large as possible to provide a comfortable typing experience. The keyboard connects wirelessly to your iPad via Bluetooth, and it has a built-in, rechargeable battery.

What’s great about the Typo is that it comes apart. If you want to use your iPad without the keyboard, you can simply pull the case away from the keyboard section in an instant and use it independently.

The Typo also offers a unique auto-correction feature, which fixes common mistakes as you type and lets you double-tap the spacebar to insert a period. The iPad offers these things when you use its virtual keyboard, of course, by when using a physical one, they normally disappear.

Typo is available for iPad Air and iPad Air 2 initially, and it’s priced at $189 via the Typo online store, and in Apple Stores throughout the U.S.. You can also pre-order it for iPad mini — first- to third-generation — from Typo’s website.