Love your iPhone but miss the BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard? Enter the Typo: a new product — currently in the middle of a lawsuit with BlackBerry of course — that serves as a case and provides a full hardware keyboard for the iPhone. It’s going to start retailing soon for $99 when it launches, though you can already pre-order it direct.

We had a chance to check out the Typo during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. While we enjoyed the experience, the keyboard did feel a bit cheap and certainly not as premium as what you would have found on the older BlackBerry Bold devices. We like that it uses Bluetooth, though, and that setup took about 5 seconds. You can also use a microUSB charger to keep the battery charged, though it should last more than just a few days on a single charge provided you don’t leave the backlight on the whole time. Our biggest issue while using it was that there’s no way to send a text message without tapping the send button on screen; if you hit the enter button it just adds a return to your text.

Nonetheless, for $99 it’s a decent accessory that should be a compelling buy for iPhone fans who still want the hardware keyboard experience. Check out our video above and gallery below for more information.