TwtRoulette is a silly take off of infamous ChatRoulette, but without the unexpected genitalia. The premise, as with any good Twitter based application, is simple. Link TwtRoulette to your Twitter account using the OAUTH key, then type in a user name or click the random button (similar to StumbleUpon). This will give you a peek at what someone else’s Twitter timeline looks like.

At first this seems silly. It feels like spying on people, and a bit like PostSecret – most of the updates you see will be from folks you don’t know. Then you start to get intrigued, it’s a bit fun to look at what other people find interesting, and you may not have ventured that far down the Twitter path yet. HEck, if you are new to Twitter, have few followers and are struggling, it will help you to see what a stream with lots of interesting people looks like, and may help you decide to be more involved.


As you move along, scanning Twitter streams, you may begin to see another value in TwtRoulette – it helps you find more interesting people to follow, snapping you out of the sandwich trap (you know – those people who only ever post about their lunch or other banal things). By looking at what other people are talking about and how others are using Twitter, you may begin to get a clearer picture of how you can use it for yourself or your business. This is a good thing, and a lot more interesting and interactive than the Twitter created Who to Follow feature.